Cat Sitting in Worcester, Droitwich & the surrounding areas

We are Worcestershire based cat sitters who offer a fully comprehensive cat sitting service.

We will not only feed and water your cat but we will also fuss; play; groom; cuddle and chat to them too!

While home sitting we can also water your garden, put out the bins and bring in the post while we are there.

Take the stress out of going away on holiday and carting your furbaby off to the cattery! Our service looks after your pet in the comfort of their home environment. Less stress for moggie, less stress for you!

As naturally territorial animals cats dislike being taken away from their established territory so our home cat care service is the perfect solution to this problem.

As well as caring for your pet we will also take photographs to use on our Instagram and Facebook so you can follow your pet and their antics on our social media, or opt for daily updates via email, text message or WhatsApp.

Our cat sitters generally cover Worcester city centre, Droitwich and surrounding areas, although other areas are subject to distance and availability.

Moggy Daycare and our sitters are fully insured.