Cat sitter services: How we work and what we do

Cat Sitting

As cat owners ourselves we understand the stress and ordeal of packing your cat to go to the cattery whilst you go away, then the cat sulking for the week after you get back! Cats are territorial animals and also like familiar surroundings and a routine. Some catteries can cause cats to become very stressed out which can sometimes cause them to stop eating, cease taking their medication (if they’re on any) or become withdrawn. Hiring a cat sitter such as ourselves is an alternative to this.

What are the benefits of hiring you over using a Cattery?

  • No trips to and from home with your cat stressing out inside a cat carrier (unless they require vet treatment).
  • Your cats stay calm and relaxed within their home territory full of their scents and familiar surroundings (and toys!).
  • Your cats get played with/fed/medicated to how YOU like to do things and what they are used to rather than having to put up with some cattery rulings.
  • Your cats are given special 1-2-1 love and care by us.
  • We are a lot more flexible with dates & times of visits, offering am, pm and midday visits.
  • Unlike catteries we do not require you to have your cats neutered and/or vaccinated to take you on as a client (although it is very much recommended you do this!).
  • You will sometimes receive high quality photos taken by us as part of your updates (great for photo frames!) at no extra cost.
  • If required we can give experienced advice regarding your cats health and well being (we have over 4 years cat sitting experience so have acquired a lot of knowledge!).
  • Having us visit your home once/twice a day makes your home looked lived in which is great for security!
[Image source: Moggy Daycare Instagram] Whilst in our care your cat gets one-on-one care and extra love. Cats like Vladimir absolutely love having shoulder fusses!

What do you do whilst at our home looking after our cats?

  • Feed your cats, provide fresh water making sure all bowls/fountains are washed and feeding areas are kept clean.
  • Empty mess in the litter tray and fully clean & replace litter if required.
  • Groom your cat if required and if your cat likes this.
  • Fuss, play and cuddle your cat if they want to.
  • Administer medication to your cats if needed, we have experience in everything from pill popping, putting medication in food and injecting medication.
  • Check everything looks ok with your cats and your home.
  • Have a good natter to your cat and reassure them that everything is ok.
  • Turn house lights on/off and draw/open curtains to make your home look lived in if required.
  • If requested we will put your bins out to be collected, this saves the hassle of having full bins upon your return (we personally hate that too!).
[Image Source: Moggy Daycare Instagram] We will groom and play with your cats while you are away, take Alfie here for example, we groomed him and then made a toy with his fluff!

Hiring us as your cat sitter: What is the process?

To enquire about booking our services please contact us in the first instance to check availability.

We can get busy over Christmas, New Year and during school holidays (especially the Easter & Summer holidays!) so please book far in advance ahead to secure a date.

We request that your first booking with us is made as far in advance as possible to allow us to come and visit you and your pets before you go away. This is so that we can meet your cats and find out about their routines and requirements and to discuss key arrangements and any security system you may have installed.

Initial Meetings

If you are a newly registered client then we will arrange to do an initial meeting taken place at your home, this is a short 10-20min casual meeting so you can meet us, show us where everything is (food; water; medication; litter; etc), give us keys (if required) and we can meet your cats! Meeting the cats is important as it will give them a chance to get our scent so they aren’t scared when we start coming to see them. Initial meetings ideally need to take place a week or two prior to the booking starting.

Once we have visited your home and you are on our books we ask that bookings are confirmed, where possible with 24 hours notice. However we do understand that sometimes things come up where you may need our services sooner. Please call us for last minute arrangements.

You can arrange for your cat sitter to visit your cat once or twice a day. In the interest of their welfare the minimum is one visit a day.

When we sit we ask that there is sufficient cat food and litter in the house for the cat sitter to cover the time you have asked us to visit for and that brushes, toys, etc are left where we can find them or in a pre-arranged place.

Key collection/drop-off or holding keys

We are insured keyholders. You may wish to drop off and collect keys for each visit or arrange for us to hold a spare set for those last minute bookings. However please note that if you require us to collect/drop-off your keys for you it will incur a small fee, please see are pricing page for details.

Updates on your cats during the booking

We generally update clients via WhatsApp every time we visit with photos and/or videos, however we can also send you updates via email if you do not have/prefer not to use WhatsApp. We do also upload the best photos to our Instagram feed (our gallery is powered by Instagram) however if you prefer not to have your cats on there please let us know via the registration form.