Cat Sitting: Client Checklist

So you’re new to the world of hiring a pet sitter to look after your cats? It can be daunting and stressful having to think about what you might need and you’ll likely end up with that “Have I forgotten something?” thought! So to help ease your stress here is a handy bullet point checklist of what we would expect you to have done prior to having us come look after your furbabies!

QuestionDone ✅
Have I got enough food to last the booking?
Have I got enough litter (if required) to last the booking?
Have I handed keys or alarm/lock box codes to the pet sitter?
Have I informed my vet about the pet sitter coming to look after my pets?
Have I left out medication for my pets and left instructions for the pet sitter (if required)?
Have I double-checked the booking dates and visits with the pet sitter?
Are my emergency contact details up to date?
Are cleaning products easy to find for your pet sitter should they need them?
Is your home tidy and free of obstructions (can the sitter safely move around your home)?
Is your cat flap setup properly/does the sitter know how to operate it (if required)?
Have you setup a calming diffuser to help keep your pets calm (if required)?
Are your pets all inside your home when leaving (if out, inform the sitter)?

We hope you find this checklist useful and indeed if you can think of anything else on top of this then please go ahead and do so! Preparing your home prior to the pet sitter arriving may seem trivial but it will save stress & worry on both your side and the sitters!