Pet Sitting FAQ’s – find out about cat sitting in Worcestershire

What times of the day do you visit?

Morning appointments – Typically between 7 am and 11 am

Midday appointments (Mon-Fri only) – Typically between 11am and 2pm

Afternoon appointments – Typically between 2pm and 6pm

How many times a day can you visit?

With our pet sitting service, we can arrange to visit a minimum of once each day, or twice a day if you prefer.

How long does a visit last?

This depends on the needs of your cat. If you have an outdoor cat who is unlikely to stick around our visit will be long enough to feed, change the water, clean litter and any other tasks as required, this generally takes up 15-20mins. For indoor cats, or those with special requirements our visits will take longer. This is typically up to 30-45 minutes but it can be longer or less than that depending on your cat! We will make time to talk to your cat, fuss and cuddle them and play if they would like us to.

How much is a pet sitting visit?

Our prices start at £11.00 per day for 1 visit. This may vary with property location, on bank holidays and for houses with a high number of cats (more than 3) where the visit will likely take longer.

This visit includes a comprehensive service as described above. We also include other things like bringing in the post, putting out the bins and watering the plants.

Please click here for our most up to date price list.

What areas do you cover?

Our pet sitting services cover Worcester city, Droitwich Spa and surrounding areas. We may travel to other areas but these may be subject to additional costs to cover mileage.

Do you work over Christmas and New Year?

Yes we do but we only offer one visit a day in the morning on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. This is so our sitters can spend time with their families. Exceptions can be made where a cat needs medication in the evenings or if it is under 1 year of age.

Can you sit my kitten?

As a general we will not look after cats younger than 6 months old, and even then we will only do a minimum of 2 sits per day. This is because of their age and they should not be left for long periods of time.

How do I book?

Please complete the form found on our contact page to make an initial pet sitting booking enquiry.

We then will reply to confirm if your chosen dates are available and to provide you with a link to our full registration form. Quotes are available upon request.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do not take deposits, however cancellation conditions do apply.

What’s your cancellation/amendments policy?

Cancellations/Amendments to bookings made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

Cancellations/amendments to bookings made with less than 7 days notice will be charged at half price.

We do not sent reminders out for bookings.

We reserve the right to deny/terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.

How do I pay?

We request that payments are made by bank transfer.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured to run a pet sitting business and to transport animals if necessary. This includes £1,000,000 Public Liability cover, Care, Custody and Control of Animals and Key Cover.

My cat has a medical condition, can you look after them?

Yes, as long as the condition is currently being treated by a vet and is under control.

We have administered insulin, liquids, inhalers and tablets by mouth and cared for cats with special needs.

What if my pet becomes ill or injured while I am away?

When using us for the first time we will ask you to sign a vet release form. This gives us authority, should the need arise to take your pet to your preferred vet in the case of an emergency, and authorises the vet to bill you on your return.

In non urgent cases in the first instance we will attempt to contact you using the emergency contact information you have provided to us. If we do not hear from you we may decide to take your pet to a vet if we have any concerns.  Above all, we will not wait unnecessarily if the welfare of the cat is at risk.

What about keys?

For those customers without a key safe we will usually collect keys on our initial visit.

We don’t  drop them back through the letterbox, as in the event of your trip being extended due to flights etc. we would continue to look after your cat until your return.

You can arrange for us to hold keys whilst you use our services (There is no cost for us to do this). Alternatively, you can arrange to collect the keys upon your return.

We can collect & drop off your keys but there is a small charge for this.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes we are!



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