The Moggy Mewsletter: June 2022

Hello kitty clients!

It’s almost June so I think it is about time I gave you an update on all things Moggy Daycare, June cat sitting availability and how the rest of the year is going!

Moggy Daycare news & updates

So let’s address the biggest news that has come to us…I’ve (Adam) now gone full-time with the business, this will give me a lot more flexibility regarding bookings as well as being able to fit more in, great news for you!

For those who weren’t aware we didn’t used to be this busy or as organised as we are now! Moggy Daycare was initially operated using a kind of “jobs board” for pet sitters using google sheets, google calendar and emails to manage everything, fast forward 4 years (yes it really has been that long!) and we are now a fully functioning business using professional pet sitting software (Pet Sitter Dashboard) & accounting software (Manager). A “side-gig”earning a little bit of money has turned into a job that can legitimately support our family! I have said this before but I honestly cannot thank YOU our clients enough for your new and continued business & support, it really does mean a lot <3.

Cat of the Month!

This was a no brainer really and for those who haven’t been following our Instagram we have been recently looking after a beautiful lady cat by the name of Logie, her owner had been rushed into ICU (intensive care) and we were phoned up by the ward matron, who arranged for us to collect the keys and begin looking after Logie who was without food for a few days!

However with a little tlc from us Logie soon came out from her bed and within 24 hours had recovered back to her usual lovely self, after 2 weeks her owner surprised us mid-visit by returning home! We are still looking after Logie for the client at present, her owner is under strict instructions to do as little as possible but this has been such a lovely story to share and believe me I almost choked up when Logie saw her owner after 2 weeks…very heartfelt <3.

So Logie is our Cat of the Month! You can see more photos of her in our gallery too, I think you’ll agree the camera loves her!

Logie just 24 hours after we started the emergency booking <3

Worcester Availability

Droitwich availability is on a case-by-case basis

Week commencing Monday 30th May: No availability at all with exception to emergencies.

Week commencing Monday 6th June: Limited availability.

Week commencing Monday 13th: Limited availability.

Week commencing Monday 20th: Very limited availability.

Week commencing Monday 27th: Good availability.

If you are registered with us already, please get in touch either via Adams’ WhatsApp or the Moggy Daycare email.

Availability beyond June

This section will give you vague idea of our availability to date for the remainder of 2022, again booking in Droitwich are all accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Summer holidays (July-September)

As a first for us, we are closing our books to new clients coming in now for bookings across the entirety of the summer holiday period. We simply have too many people on the books and it is our busiest time of the year. I apologise if this inconveniences any potential new clients. If any spaces open up then I will put the word out via our Instagram page!

July (beginnings of the school summer holidays): First 2 weeks are good, later half of July is very limited!

August: Limited availability

September: Good availability with exception to between 26th-30th September where we are taking a short break so we won’t be available!

October: Good availability

November: Good availability

December & the Christmas/New Year period

1st – 18th December: Good availability

19th December 2022-1st January 2023: This period will be limited to registered clients only. Good availability with exception to the below dates.

Christmas Eve: Visits operating as normal (both morning and afternoon slots open).

Christmas Day: As per our pricing page, we are only operating in the morning (7am-11am). With exception to cats requiring medication. Slots are extremely limited so book in asap.

New Years Eve: Operating as per Christmas Eve.

New Years Day: Operating as per Christmas Day.

If you’re a client who’s already on our books then simply send us a message on WhatsApp or email us with your requests, if you’re reading this and wish to become a new client then please head to our enquiry form where you can put a request in!

Until then, I will see you on the next update!