The Moggy Mewsletter: August 2022

Hello kitty clients it is that time again for the Moggy Mewsletter! This format has become quite popular with you guys especially for the availability, I’m really happy that this is useful to you all and hope to continue doing these for the foreseeable future!

I am thinking of branching out to doing a few fun little things all related to us and your cats, but I want to start gauging interest first and possibly getting more ideas in! Here’s what I have in mind so far:

  • Adding a small prize for Cat of the Month (small treat bag/toy, to be given at the next visit to that cat).
  • Cat of the Year with a big prize (not sure what the prize might be yet, possibly thinking of looking at sponsored prize given by local pet companies/businesses or sourcing our own).
  • Moggy Daycare Cat Calendars, my photography is improving very quickly and I feel it’s good enough to use photos for calendars. But it isn’t cheap to do so I want to see if people would go for it! Possibly a % of the price going to a local animal charity/shelter.

If you have any cool ideas of what fun stuff we can do then let me know! Send me a message on Instagram/WhatsApp or pop me an email (moggydaycare(at)

Cat of the Month!

[Image source: Moggy Daycare Instagram] Lola enjoying the sun during the July heatwave!

Lola is our chosen cat of the month! She’s just such a gorgeous lady and she LOVES the sun too, I got some amazing photos of her in the back garden (as you can see above)! I totally didn’t have to lie down on the floor to take the above photo…

Worcester & Droitwich Availability


Nothing has changed for Moggy HQ in Worcester I’m afraid, we still remain fully booked up and are unable to take on any new clients or bookings! I have also been told by Droitwich branch manager Tim that he is also fully booked now until at least the end of the Summer School Holidays!

So you’re fully booked, what do I do now? I need a sitter for my cat(s)!?

We are sorry that we are unable to take on any more bookings but do not worry as there are other pet sitters in Worcester who may be able to help! People we recommend are:

Sparrow & Wagtails ( Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business managed by the lovely Sophie! Based in St Johns, Worcester.

Prestige Pet Services ( A small team of highly dedicated Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters, Annabelle runs a very tight ship and is fantastic with all animals! We have even used them to look after our two cats and they were great!

A brief look beyond the Summer Holidays

September: Limited availability, not taking any bookings between 26th-30th September

October: Good availability.

November: Good availability

December & the Christmas/New Year period

1st – 18th December: Good availability

19th December 2022-1st January 2023: This period will be limited to registered clients only. Good availability with exception to the below dates.

Christmas Eve: Visits operating as normal (both morning and afternoon slots open).

Christmas Day: As per our pricing page, we are only operating in the morning (7am-11am). With exception to cats requiring medication. Slots are extremely limited so book in asap.

New Years Eve: Operating as per Christmas Eve.

New Years Day: Operating as per Christmas Day.

If you’re a client who’s already on our books then simply send us a message on WhatsApp or email us with your requests, if you’re reading this and wish to become a new client then please head to our enquiry form where you can put a request in!

Until then, I will see you on the next update!